Church Health Team

Our Church Health Team committee members are: Maria Massos, Dean Koukios, Galina Mihaylova and Melissa Pardales.



St. George Church Health Team News

The St. George Church Health Team successfully completed the Process Training on Saturday September 10, 2016, with Father Jonathan Ivanoff.  We learned the Orthodox Natural Church Development process was established to understand what were the true growth principles in a church. The initial research project was conducted among 1,000 churches which has now grown to over 80,000 churches from 70 countries. Results showed there are 8 quality characteristics of a healthy church:


1)  Empowering Leadership -  Leaders empower others

2)  Gift-based Ministry -  Integrating your gifts into ministry

3)  Passionate Spirituality - Life of Faith as a relationship with God

4)  Effective Structures -  Department leaders for individual groups of ministry

5)  Inspiring Worship -  Drawing people to the service

6)  Holistic Fellowship Groups -  Learning to serve others

7)  Need-oriented Evangelism -  Parish welcoming openness

8)  Loving Relationships – Atmosphere of acceptance and joy


Based upon all the data and research, the ONCD created a survey for churches to use to help them determine their health status. Our team has started this process by using the ONCD guidelines and selecting 30 participants. These participants will be contacted with detailed information on when and where to take the survey – anonymously.  The surveys will be processed and results returned to the St. George Church Health Team. After the team reviews these results, which identifies a key issue (Minimum Factor), we will be asking all parishioners to sign up for one out of several focus groups to analyze the “Root–Cause” of this minimum factor. In these focus groups we will discuss why this is our minimum factor.  Solutions will be discussed in the second round of focus groups. The St. George Church Health Team will then combine and prioritize all the comments, clarify key issues to address, and put a plan together utilizing the first focus group input.  Next, all parishioners are encouraged to sign up for the second round of focus groups which will help the health team identify solutions and fine tune the plan. Once the team reviews these responses, makes adjustments as needed, the plan will be implemented by all parishioners. Look for an official implementation launch date to be announced soon.  Over a period of 1 ½ to 2 years we will be evaluating our plan and regularly communicating the progress to the parish.


Let’s all pray and work together on this journey to take St. George church from a good parish to a great healthy parish!!      God Bless.