Our Sunday School Director is Bessie Despotis Thomas, our Teachers and Assistants are, Athena Kountouriotis, Felicia Kollias, Jaimie Kollias, Cynthia Gabriel, Roula Simmons, and Matina Legakis Fabian.   

Sunday School Registration



Student Name

Date of Birth


School Grade

Baptismal Name

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Mother’s First and Last Name:­­­­­­­­­­­______________________________________________________

Mother’s Email:­­­­­­_______________________________________________________________________


Father’s First and Last Name:­­­­­­­________________________________________________________

Father’s Email:_________________________________________________________________________


Home Phone:____________________________  Cell Phone:________________________________




*Students must be at least 4 years old by September 10, 2017 to enroll.*


Please email information to or drop off to the church office as soon as possible.  Early registration will allow our Sunday School Teachers to know how many books and supplies to order and to better prepare for a successful school year.  Thank you for your cooperation!